5 easy ways to personalise your rental kitchen

By Kaboodle

Rental kitchens are sometimes not what you wish for, they can be boring and outrageously outdated. You may think that your dreary kitchen is out of reach, but alas it is not!

personalised rental kitchen with painted doors
5 easy ways to personalise your rental kitchen

Here are our five tips that will help you stamp your own style on your rental kitchen, without blowing your budget and most importantly--without losing your deposit.

Change the hardware

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Small details such as door knobs and handles can completely change the appearance of a kitchen. Swap out the current hardware and replace them with your personally selected new pieces! Don't forget to keep the old hardware somewhere safe so you can change it back before you move out. You also might want to let your rental agent know what you're thinking of doing prior to removing any existing hardware. 

Line your cupboards and drawers

Lining your cupboards and drawers may seem like something that was only done back in the 70’s, but adding something as simple as liners can completely change the look of your rental kitchen. You can be bold with your choices to create a vibrant retro vibe, or add neutral colours to create a fresh crisp appearance. Whichever choice you make, liners will add that personal touch.

kitchen accessories succulent plant and utensils
Accessorise your space!


Simple and effective. Accessorising your rental kitchen with a few pieces can entirely change the way it looks. Try hanging a photo on a blank wall. Add indoor herb or succulent planters to your benchtop or windowsill. Place a chunky wooden chopping board on top of your benchtop to hide it. Add practical pieces to your benchtop such as a modern utensil holder or a knife block.


It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb. Florescent lighting it can highlight certain aspects of your kitchen that you may want to hide or you don’t like. Swapping out your current fluorescent light for a softer light will transform the look of your kitchen and give it a new, fresh feel.

Apply temporary wallpaper

Yes, temporary wallpaper is a thing and it’s perfect if you’re renting. Temporary wallpaper can dramatically change the appearance of your rental kitchen by covering those outdated paint choices with something new. Waterproof temporary wallpaper is a simple DIY solution to personalise your rental kitchen and create that space you’ve been longing for. 

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