7 kitchen trends to look for in 2016

By Kaboodle

If you’re looking to spruce up and existing space, or start your new kitchen project from scratch and want to find out what kitchen trends are here to last in 2016 – then you’ve come to the right place!

flat pack kitchens design blog - 7 kitchen trends to look for in 2016
Soft chalky pastels are being used in the place of more traditional off white shades.

Trending colours and knick-knacks come and go every year, so it’s important you work your own style into your kitchen design. This year; some of the most popular designer trends include mixed metals, thin benchtops, soft pastel shades and patterned tiles.

Soft pastels

Soft chalky pastels are being used in the place of the more traditional off white shades. We saw these unique shades make an appearance late last year in the Scandinavian kitchen category. 

Thin benchtops

Thin benchtops are most definitely in, with marble being the most popular look of all. Thin benchtops work really well in a minimalist designed kitchen where simplicity is key.

kaboodle diy design blog - 7 kitchen trends to look for in 2016
Add a combination of textures into your space.


Rough earthy timbers, patterned metals, and textured concrete surfaces are some of the textures that can be incorporated into your space. Lucky for you; these range from stand-out golds to more subtle textured timbers.  


Remember the saying ‘less is more’? Handle-less kitchens, neutral tones, and clever simplistic kitchen designs are all elements that fall under the minimalist kitchen category. Minimalism doesn’t stop at your design however; you could stretch this concept even further and part ways with any unused items in your cabinets, drawers and pantry. Think about what’s living on your kitchen benchtops…either put these things away or get rid of them if they aren’t adding any value to your kitchen.


Timber can be worked into your kitchen in a number of ways. From timber benchtops, to timber doors, timber ornaments or even timber floating shelves. Timber can be used as a way to warm up your kitchen environment, especially when darker colours are predominantly used. It’s the perfect neutraliser.  

kitchen diy design blog - 7 kitchen trends to look for in 2016 smarter spaces
Think smart for your new kitchen design.

Smart kitchens

We are seeing kitchens get smarter this year. No really…they’re operating at a smarter level. There are various automated kitchen appliance creations, or your plumber might know a thing or two about installing a sparkling water specific tap. For better connectivity with your devices, have a chat to your local electrician about installing a power point outlet featuring a USB port in your kitchen. This way you’ll be able to have your phone or tablet charging close by. 

Goodbye glass

Medium to small patterned tiles as a splashback are a continuing kitchen trend this year, offering a ray of options. Some of the popular choices are textured tiles, metallic tiles, really small mosaic tiles, coloured tiles and of course; white subway tiles with black grout. Tiles are also very easy to clean and can be used as a statement piece.

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