How to choose the perfect dining table

By Kaboodle

There are quite a few things to consider before you decide on a dining table that works best in your kitchen surrounds. Find out exactly what you need to know before choosing your new dining table…

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The dining table is the one place where everyone comes together.
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Rectangular tables accommodate a lot of people!

Before you start comparing different designs and finishes, it’s important to measure the space you’ve picked out for your dining table accurately.

You need to really think about the function of your new dining table and how that will all come together in the space you have to play with. Imagine how you’ll use your table and think about the people you’ll be having around for dinner on a regular basis. These factors will have an impact on the type of dining table you decide on.

Have a look around at your existing room or kitchen and make note of the surrounding colours, textures, contours and design themes. When it comes to style and design, do you want something contemporary or traditional? Rectangular tables accommodate a lot of people and fit into most areas, whereas round tables help create a smooth flow of conversation so no one is ever left out in the corner. Will your dining room table be sitting directly next to your kitchen…and if so, make sure that it compliments your kitchen and extends on this space visually.

Once you’ve chosen the table that’s right for you, make sure you throw a dinner party to remember and enjoy it! 

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