introducing our new benchtops collection

By Kaboodle

Your benchtop is one of the most important focal points of the kitchen and we’ve just taken our benchtop range up a notch with the introduction of our new collection!

Choosing your benchtop is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your kitchen renovation. Your benchtop can be used to make a statement or to blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry for a more understated effect. Our new collection of benchtops includes materials and finishes that emulate natural surfaces like marble, stone, concrete and timber, and this is a trend that will transcend into 2021, as highlighted in our 2021 trends forecast!

As sensory beings with a need to surround ourselves with surfaces that evoke a tactile aesthetic, we all know these surface sensations work wonders in the kitchen – they always have, and likely always will.

Blaklava (L) and Calcutta Grey (R)


Looking to make a bold statement? Our new marble and stone-look European laminate benchtops are inspired by trends from around the world and are sure to add an element of luxe to your space without the scary price tag. 

Calcutta grey has a distinctive marble look with prominent black and grey veining creating a dramatic effect. Finished in a sleek, super smooth, soft-touch surface, its elegance and sophistication will draw compliments.

Coconutty has a neutral stone-like appearance that matches all wood types and many solid colours. A beautiful colour that couples light grey and earth-toned aggregates on a warm white base. A low-sheen, smooth, velvety finish gives a natural look and feel with understated luxury and elegance. 

Blaklava combines black and charcoal tones beautifully with the hushed veining of smoke and white accents to create a stunningly sweet, stone-like surface. Luxurious and elegant, this benchtop will create a modest statement in your kitchen.

Santolina’s grey base connects well with a neutral palette, or simply pair it with white to create a timeless look and allow its marble character to create an invigorating contrast. 

Burnt Brittle is like a star-studded sky with light stones across a deep grey surface, burnt brittle literally adds sparkle to your room. A terrazzo style with sharp-edged elements and multiple colour nuances, it pairs well with timber and light coloured decors.



Perfect if you are hoping to achieve a rustic industrial look, our new range of concrete-look laminates have the same tactile and textural characteristics without the price tag.

Basalt combined the raw beauty of a dark coloured concrete-look together with the advantages of a high-pressure laminate to bring an urban or industrial edge to your kitchen design with a Supermatt finish.

Feta Whip (L) and Carbonella (R)

solid colour

Available in a range of gloss and matt finishes, our new solid colour laminate benchtops are the perfect solution if you are looking to create a consistent flow between cabinetry and benchtop, for a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Feta Whip is a silky, soft-to-touch Supermatt white benchtop and is easily combined with virtually any colour to create a look that is only limited by your imagination.  

Carbonella works well with light wood tones and with rustic, dark variants. The velvety matt feel makes it the only shade of grey that matters.

Honeywood (L) and Pepperwood (R)


Looking to add some texture and rawness to your design? Our new and innovative timber-look laminate benchtops perfectly soften a space while also adding subtle country-style character.

Smoked-oak is simple, universal and timeless. Smoked Oak's butcherblock detail turns a very simple woodgrain into a handcrafted piece of art. The medium character and natural colour tone can be easily combined with a variety of solid colours.

Make way for two new mattwood surfaces, an innovation in surface technology giving the impression of a lightly sanded top to create a smooth aesthetic, while still retaining the natural and subtle grain effect.

Honeywood is a light, natural timber-look which can be accentuated by pairing it with whites, greys or blacks for a classic and timeless style, or its versatile hues can even look beautiful with greens and blues.  

Pepperwood is a warm and natural deep brown that interplays perfectly with light and medium colours, and combine beautifully with white, neutrals and blacks. Inspired by pepperwood, this smooth, matt, wood-texture finish will bring spice to your kitchen.  


Make a statement with our new benchtop styles! If you haven’t already read through our 2021 trends forecast, make sure you check it out for more inspiration!

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