Mixed materials and contrast

By Kaboodle

Mixing contrasting and complementary materials in one room is a really important design trend, in kitchens specifically but also throughout the home.

Mixed materials and contrast.

The pristine, glossy kitchen is being replaced by contrasting textures and materials combined to create a warm, lived in feel within a space. Minimalism as we’ve known it previously is changing dramatically!

Our Nutcracker benchtops look just like timber.

Matt black mixed with timber is emerging as a trending combination as part of this. Our Nutcracker laminate benchtop has a roughed matt finish and prominent knots and cracks within its design which form a fantastic contrast to our super sleek Black Olive thermoformed doors and panels. 

Another option is to use two different benchtops within one space. The warmth of a natural timber benchtop such as Euro Oak looks fantastic as a feature paired with the coolness of a marble-look laminate benchtop, such as Calcutta Gloss. Make sure the benchtops have complementary colour tones within their designs, to avoid your space looking disjointed.

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